Top Scents to Seduce Buyers

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Viewing a property is a multi-sensory exercise and nothing will deter a buyer more than a bad smell. Fragrances need to not only create a welcoming, clean and friendly atmosphere, they also need to have a top note of aspiration.

Coffee and a crackling fire: The days of scented candles and baking cookies are over. Freshly brewed coffee and the hint of smoke from a cosy crackling fire are evocative of a future life being lived.

Fresh flowers: Placing a bunch of colourful and lightly fragranced fresh flowers on an entry table provides immediate sensory pleasure as buyers enter. Roses are great – especially if they’re from your garden, as are some varieties of lilies, or a posy with lavender or rosemary in it.    

Essential oils: Oil burners and diffusers are a useful way of dispersing fragrance through the home. Stick to plant-based scents that bring a sense of nature into the home. Citrus based smells like lemon myrtle and mandarin are widely popular. Scents like ylang ylang and geranium may overpower.

Freshly cleaned: Dousing everything in bleach will leave a cold, clinical smell, so schedule the deep clean in advance of the open house. Give everything the ‘once over’ the day before with cleaning products that contain lavender, eucalyptus, or lemon. Bicarbonate of soda absorbs odours.